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There are a variety of advertising opportunities with Counseling Washington.

Click on a link below to see the features, benefits and pricing for each opportunity:
Come and join our therapist community and be a part of Counseling Washington (  -- Washington’s most trusted most trusted counselor directory!  We are a one-stop resource for building your business where you can increase your clientele by listing your private practice, add to your bottom line efficiently by offering therapy groups to new and existing clients,  or even share or sublet your office space to fellow counselors to help offset business costs!

Helping other counselors obtain licensure can be added income when you offer your supervision services to candidates seeking licensure. Counseling Washington can help you reach associates looking for this service. Create a Supervisory Listing and Counseling Washington will cross reference this to your private practice listing giving you added exposure . Here you can find information necessary for compliancy with Washington State and forms you should have when providing these services.

Should you speak a second language fluently and wish to incorporate your ability into your practice, Counseling Washington offers a free Language Listing to increase your exposure even more!

Counselors offering Crime Victim Compensation Program (CVCP services) can also take advantage of added exposure by creating a free CVCP listing for those who are helping crime victims and offers this type of listing free of charge as well.

Looking for a way to network with like-minded individuals or need help among your constituents? You’ve come to the right place! Counseling Washington offers peer-to-peer support and counseling-related business referrals to get your business on track and moving.

Counseling Washington prides itself in providing current, accurate, accessible, and thorough counseling information to the public as well as fellow counselors. Our goal is transparency in information, at your fingertips to help clients make informed decisions for their well-being or within their career. To help facilitate in areas that we may not have covered or those needing Counseling Washington’s customer service, assistance is a friendly email or phone call away.  If you are seeking information or need assistance with our counseling-related offerings, please Contact Us.

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Link to Counselor Login | Counseling Washington

Link to Counselor Login | Counseling Washington
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